Red Ridge X – Wombwell Woods – A Scrying Return.

Hello, Red Ridge X often meet up with our friends as part of Paranormal Hauntings to go out on investigations, one of our most recent visits was at a local location named convicts tunnel in Wombwell Barnsley. For the video of the investigation click Here.

Charlene Lowe Kemp the owner of Paranormal Hauntings and a good friend of Red Ridge X had some great information of the area so we decided to delve into the locations history to see what we could find. For Charlene`s write up of the area so far please click Here.

At Red Ridge X we love many subjects and we came across something we found very interesting concerning a method of divination called scrying.

Wombwell The Birth Of Scrying.

After looking into the history of Wombwell we found that the first documented case of scrying in modern Europe was credited to a William Byg of Wombwell in 1467.

What Is Scrying.

The main purpose of scrying is to gain messages or visions to help gain information which maybe for prophecy, guidance, inspiration or whatever is in the practitioners mind. A few examples of scrying include the method of gazing into a crystal ball, turifumy which is gazing and interpreting smoke and another example is the gazing into mirrors.

The Plan.

After learning about the scrying of Wombwell we decided to look at going back to the area to do some scrying of our own. Looking at the case from 1467 William Byg looks to have used the crystal ball method for his scrying needs but we have another method we would like to try out.

Hydromancy or Water ITC

Red Ridge X love watching other paranormal teams and enjoys interacting within the paranormal community. One team we always try and keep up to date with is a group called Soul Reaper Paranomal, a great team of guys that like to go out there investigate locations and have a bit of fun along the way. Kyle Thompson the owner of the group highlighted the term Water ITC to me a few months back and this interested me so since we have used it a few times when looking at items or just asking out loud and seeing what image responses we get in the water.

One method used for Water ITC is to place water in a silver pan a move the pan vigorously to disturb the water, while doing this taking pictures with a digital camera. After finishing the session look back at the pictures and look for visions in the watery images. The modern name for this practice is Water ITC it can also be called Hydromancy.

Looking back in history and you will find this practice was used in the 16th century obviously done in different ways (minus a digital camera) the method would vary then but the main objective was the same.

Our Planned Visit.

So we are planning to visit Wombwell and carry out some Water ITC and it will feel good to know we are doing this method of scrying in a location it all started.

Another factor that will help determine where we test out water itc method is shown below. The yellow line runnig through the Wombwell area could be a good indication of a possible ley line so we will test our method in the waters of those areas.


February 1st – Imolc.

When looking at the best time to arrange our visit we looked at the 1st and 2nd of February, two days used to celebrate the pagan celebration of Imbolc. It is said it is the best time for divination.

Updates of results will follow.

Thank you.



  1. Most of the yellow area on that map follows the river dove except
    The area branching of worsborough res to the right of it
    The wide yellow areas are bits that flooded so is this a flood plane map for the river dove


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