Red Ridge X – The Earthbound Trinity.

Over the many years we have been in the paranormal reading books, meeting many people from different faiths and spending time with people as part of their faith we have took notes from the way certain people view the physical world and the spiritual world and after cross referencing the subjects with people that share different beliefs the below was wrote with regards to the subject of Satan, Lucifer and the Devil.

The Earthbound Trinity

Between a few people we had fun writing this and putting a collective theory together because we would ask questions looking at a certain aspects of human or universal spirit and we would discuss how it felt as we all had differing faiths. We all wanted to look for an understanding on the concept of evil. We looked at the obvious suspects when thinking of evil other words come to mind like Lucifer and the Devil and Satan. One person mentioned a theory that there is an opposing trinity in play that works against the Holy Trinity. The first thing we wanted to look at was the definition of evil.

Good, Bad & Evil

We all came to the conclusion that to grasp the idea of evil we need to look at nature. Within the animal kingdom some say and we agree that evil does not exist its a system of balance within the animal kingdom and this system is to sustain life. There are many fierce and brutal elements that exist in nature but all these things are part of the balanced system and the energy runs through in a great cycle. Good and bad seems to exist in the decisions of humans and the choices we make. We described between us that the human being is a creation of two worlds The Earthly Kingdom and the Heavenly Kingdom or Kingdom of a higher vibration of spirit. At our best and to be balanced we are born of the Earthly Kingdom made of Earthly energy with Earthly experiences and with this live a life that uses this Earthly energy in a way where we operate on a vibration level that reaches up and feeds the Heavenly Kingdom.

From 2 Worlds Made Of 3 Parts

So we looked at us been made of two worlds but made of 3 major parts, Body, Soul and Spirit. The body is the physical body is of the earthly kingdom the soul is of the heavenly kingdom and in between these 2 systems is the soul which in itself is made of 3 parts, Mind Will and Emotion. If we live a balanced life aspiring to reach the best we can be this allows the energy to run through these systems. If we fall ill to addictions and bad habits or stuck in a memory or an emotion we stunt the flow of energy and this if we live in this state can trap our spirit in the lower vibrations.

Negative Entities

The subject of negative entities is a vast one and worth a lot more than the brief write up that I will place here but as we have mentioned how our human spirits can be trapped in lower vibrations of the earthly realm this would be a great time to just touch on the subject of negative entities. When the body dies our soul that covers the heavenly spirit or the universal higher vibration of human life should be able to flow into the vibrations of the heavenly realms. But if a soul finds its place in earthly lower vibrations this is where things get tricky. For one the soul is trapped in a realm of the animal kingdom so animal vibrations can be attached as the human soul isn’t supposed to be in this realm there is no direct translation so the soul is stuck to play out some of the basic emotions but also gives access to the brutality of nature. So when humans leave their souls in this realm you have out of place souls in a earthly kingdom and with this with some of the most ancient of these souls you get demons, the reason why they want more souls is to help feed energy to these out of place souls in an place not intended for them. If all souls from now went up to the higher realm the lower realm would loose energy and eventually the souls would loose their earthly connection.

Lucifer, Devil & Satan

Going back to the Earth Bound Trinity the reason why we were looking at this trinity was to examine what influences were out there running in the earthbound often negative in human spirit realms. The following is from a system of thought that looks at a cycle of souls.

Lucifer – Lucifer is a angel of punishment. This angel is appointed to be in charge of returning the human spirit back to is origins. The way this is done is to punish and drain the energy away from its earth bound connections. Lucifer has no place for causing negativity this is not his nature.

Devil – The devil is a set of vibrations of negative influence that can creep in to the human soul. This is a energy build up from life on earth as this energy builds in its most highly charged areas it can create high points in negative energy and this can see the birth of demons, haunted locations etc.

Satan/Saturn – Out in the universe there are many heavenly bodies that creates energy that feeds and supplies our spirit world. Saturn is a vibration an energy from our universe that charges the lower earthly vibrations.

Our Conclusion

We concluded that in nature something that is here (so you could say was created or developed but either way its here in the material) there is no devil, no satan. When looking at nature the lion has no devil no satan, the lion is here in creation. What if there is a creator but no opposing entity, what if this is where there is no duality and all the negative focal points or merely creations of humans, or humans attaching an evil focal point in a great natural system.

We hoped to get out of this a point that we are responsible for life on earth, we are responsible for our actions but along with this we need to keep ours and each others spirits high, keep that vibration high to help ourselves and others from falling into negative vibes, traps and systems.

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