Paranormal Hauntings: Derbyshire – Milford


Paranormal Hauntings decided to head off out on an investigation and we stopped off at a location in Milford, Derbyshire. While looking at this location and knowing the Milford area was a popular ancient connection between Derby and the Peak District we realised we didn’t know much more about the area, so we decided to look.

We first found out the ancient connection was a river crossing and there are a few superstitions about river crossings and myths especially when leaving one region and entering another, its a bit like going from one realm to another. The course of the river at Milford over time has been redirected.

Other than its ancient history as a important route the area was popular for its mills over its history just like a few other villages in the area.

Another important factor popped into mind when looking at the map of Milford as the village`s location looks to be within the area of the South East Ley Line from Arbour Lowe which we like to take a note of as we investigate.

We looked to see if there was any paranormal hot spots in Milford and when doing this we found paranormal events are held at a near by Ebeneezer Chapel where people have reported uneasy feelings and items been moved within the premises. Another spot worthy of note is a crossroads that links Belper and Ashbourne where a highwayman is said to appear.

One legend concerning the hills above Milford as it sits in the Derwent valley says if you take a walk following a bridle-path that will take you through dense foliage leading to a pub in a village called Mackeney you may encounter the ghost of a Richard Turpin. It is said the famous highway man Richard (Dick) Turpin drank at the Holly Bush Inn.

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