Red Rdige X & Team Spirit Paranormal :- DogTooth Stone Work.



Hello 🙂 – This is a brief look at something we came across while out with our good friend and paranormal investigator Lesley Hudson from Team Spirit Paranormal.

Roche Abbey.

We were out on our travels in the day at Roche Abbey where we did get some interesting results on itc but along with this we noticed some sharp patterns around some columns, as we looked at this we were given some interesting information about this. It is said that the Saxons would place a cat or dog alive within the wall of a building for good luck to ward off evil, not so lucky for the animal. This was done usually near the entrance of a building. As the church took hold of the country they noticed this ritual but did not agree with the suffering of the animal so they came up with a dog tooth pattern to take its place instead as a symbol to ward off evil.

Durham Cathedral.

The picture above is from the entrance to Durham Cathedral and is very much a good example of this pattern.


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