The Art Of Lore – Item 5 – In Disgrace.


Hello, here we have a painting that we have in our collection called In Disgrace by Charles Burton Barber. We have no information on weather or not this particular painting has been deemed a cursed or haunted painting but the manner in which we bought it has led to questions.

Paintings Origin.

Philip from Red Ridge X was out viewing different items at an antiques store with Charlene Lowe Kemp from Paranormal Hauntings (our extended paranormal family) and in one section of the store there were two paintings labelled as haunted. One of these paintings was the one above called In Disgrace the other belongs to Charlene called Love Letters. 

Gathering Information.

Charlene over at Paranormal Hauntings has conducted a live ITC session (video can be found on the groups page) and some information has been found on the Love Letters painting so we will update this article as we go along with links and information on what we find.

In the meantime if you know anything of the two painting In Disgrace & Love Letters or even owned one please comment below 🙂 Thank you.

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