Red Ridge X: Affordable Witchcraft

Below we have another great insightful article from our resident witch Kat that looks


As of recent years the influx of people joining the pagan/wiccan bandwagon has caused an increase in the online supplies for spells and rituals. This has also lead to some seller’s selling spell starter packs for a stupid amount of money.
As u all know I am a traditional witch ( on the old path) which means we do not buy into the hocus pocus style witchcraft we see around at the moment.
In the old ways, wise women and men of the village didn’t have access to pretty coloured candles or exotic herbs and crystals, they had whatever herb could be sourced from the land, white candles and a lot of common sense and good control of intentions.
So if u are debating testing the water and dipping a toe into witchcraft, I ask u to consider what I have said in this article, you never know it might save u money!!!!

Below are two lists of herbs you can buy for pence at your local supermarket.
One list is what the herbs do in spells, the other what they do when used in basic herbalism.

I might over time do a massive list of common herbs and uses.
Please enjoy and hold the purse strings tight.

Kat (resident witch).

Herbs in spells.
Catnip➡️courage and love
Cloves➡️cleansing negative energies
Fennel➡️mental strength
Lavender➡️sleep and anti stress
Rosemary ➡️healing and cleansing
Sage➡️money and protection.

Standard Herbalism.
Catnip➡️ aids indigestion
Cloves➡️tooth and stomach ache.
Fennel➡️aids weight loss
Garlic ➡️lowers cholesterol cold and flu
Ginger➡️relaxant good sleep aid
Lavender ➡️period pain and sleep aid
Rosemary ➡️aids depression
Sage➡️muscle and joint pain

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