Red Ridge X: Witches Cottage – Useful Herbs Part One


Hello everyone, thank you to Katherine Kat Southerns Red Ridge X`s resident witch she has provided a list of herbs and their usefulness in everyday life and ritual.


ALFALFAūüĆü¬†money spells¬†‚≠ź¬†joints and cholesterol
ANGELICA‚≠źbanishing‚≠źaids digestion
BASIL‚≠źhappiness‚≠źanti clotting good for the heart
BAYLEAF‚≠źpsyhic abilities‚≠źaids digestion. Stomach issues.
BIRCHBARK‚≠źprotection‚≠źinsomnia and inflammation
BLESSED THISTLE‚≠źprotection‚≠źindigestion and stomach cramps.
BURDOCKROOT.¬†‚≠źvitimin b6‚≠źaids nervous system
CINNAMON‚≠źpassion‚≠źantibacterial good for diabetes.
ACORNS‚≠źboosts energy‚≠źantidepressant‚≠źbrings good luck
ACACIA‚≠ź¬†aids psychic powers‚≠ź¬†joint Inflammation
ANISEED‚≠źaids sleep‚≠źgood for joints
APPLE‚≠źlove‚≠źnatural laxative
CABBAGE‚≠źfertility‚≠źgout, arthritis and skin Conditions.
CARAWAY‚≠źanxiety and healing
CELERY‚≠źaids sleep
CHERRY‚≠źaids psychic abilities‚≠źjoint pain aids digestion.
CHIVES‚≠źweight loss
CORIANDER‚≠źemotional balance
CUMIN SEEDS‚≠źcleansing the home‚≠źstomach issues.
DAFFODIL‚≠źgood luck‚≠źheals wounds and joking pain
DAISY‚≠źmenstrual pains.‚≠źFlower of Freya.
DANDELION‚≠źdivination‚≠źskin issues can aid diabetes
EUCALUPUS‚≠źhealing‚≠źcold and flu sinus issuez
FRANKISENSE‚≠źprotection‚≠źanti inflammation
HONEYSUCKLE‚≠źaids luck‚≠źdepression and skin issues
JASMINE‚≠źdreams‚≠źaids good sleep
LEMON¬†‚≠źhealing colds and flu.
LEMONGRASS‚≠źmental clarity‚≠źuse in exams.
LILAC‚≠źpast life dreams‚≠źkills head lice and skin issues.
MANDRAKE‚≠źprotection of the home
MARJORAM‚≠źdepression‚≠źantiseptic qualities.
MARSHMELLOW ROOT‚≠źdepression and personal protection.
MISTLETOE‚≠źsleep aid‚≠źfertility
ORANGE‚≠źcalming agent anxiety.
PARSLEY‚≠źspiritual growth‚≠źemotional healing and oral health.
PATCHOULI‚≠źuse in all divinations‚≠źanti depressant.
POPPY SEED‚≠źinsomnia‚≠źpromotes love.
ROSEMARY‚≠źsleep aid.
SAFFRON‚≠ź¬†promotes love¬†‚≠ź¬†all men’s health.
SANDLEWOOD‚≠źprotection for psychics and mediums.
TEATREE‚≠źhealing and cleansing.
THYME‚≠źrestful sleep‚≠źcalms emotions
YLANG YLANG‚≠ź¬†mood enhancer balances emotions.

Katherine Kat Southerns has a page on Facebook please feel welcome to give it a visit – Click Here.

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