Red Ridge X : – Adder Stone.


Hi everyone, above is a picture showing a gift passed to us from a good friend of ours Lesley Hudson over at Team Spirit Paranormal. This is a stone with naturally occurring holes in the middle, I have been after one of these for a while ever since reading about faerie lore. Below is some of the myth connected to these stones. 🙂

Adder Stone, Hag Stone, Witches Stone, Serpent Stone, Druids Egg.

A Druids Egg or also called an Adder Stone have been found in Britain, Northern Germany and Egypt. These stones are said to be elliptical egg shaped in appearance and even though some say these can be any stones with this appearance one legend says these stones are made from the foam created by many snakes moving around. They say a true Adder Stone will float in water. Legend also says as the snakes moved around each other their foam would create an egg and at some point the serpents would spit the egg up in the air where a prospective owner of the egg would catch the egg in a cloth and then run away with it, the aim would be to cross a stream to stop the snakes from catching up with the person with the egg as they will want to retrieve it. These stones have also got the name of Hag Stones, Witch Stones or Serpents Egg`s. These stones are said to hold magical powers that can help with the protection of eye diseases, cure whooping cough, bring good fortune and have healing properties. Some of these stones have holes in the middle and it is said that looking though the hole can help the viewer see the realm of the fairy kind.

Another thing to note about these stones as they are seen to be Serpent Stones to some the serpent is associated with wisdom hence these stones seen as serpents eggs are said to incubate wisdom or have regenerative powers.

Some also use eggs to absorb the negative from the sick and then the negative energy becomes transformed and used as a positive to hatch new life.


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