Red Ridge X: Witches Cottage – The Pagan Calendar.

Hello everyone, here we have a article wrote by our resident witch Kat Loki Southerns looking at the pagan year of celebration. 🙂


It doesn’t have to be difficult to join in with pagan celebrations as a lot of people are under the belief that pagan rituals are difficult to follow and involve a lot of fancy equipment, this can put people of joining the pagan path even for a few days of the year.
I feel that it is important for me as a traditional pagan (old path) to correct this belief. Following are the pagan Sabbaths and some easy peasy rituals. ENJOY!!!

Your already partaking with Yuletide rituals by decorating your home in evergreens and gold and silver. You also gather with family and friends to feast and enjoy each others company and to remember the joys of the past year. In my home there is normally a traditional yule cake and plenty of mead.

This is time to clean ladies and gentlemen!! Throw away old things and dispose of any clutter in your lives and homes. This time of year we envision what the coming year may bring. Imagine the joys and happiness. In old times we would imagine a good harvest for the village. My elder used to use her besom (broomstick) to clean her cottage from top to bottom.

SEE PAST ARTICLE!!! This is when light and dark are in perfect balance. This is the time we celebrate new life and new beginnings.

Typically we relate BELTANE to the maypole dance and the crowning of the may/rose Queen.
I appreciate you may not have a maypole handy so bringing colour into your home will do. Plenty of colour and flowers. Bring the outdoors in.

At this point in the pagan calendar the sun begins to darken, signaling the forthcoming winter months. Normally seen celebrated at Stonehenge. If you cannot get to Stonehenge an early morning wake up to watch the sun rise between the 19th and 23rd is just as good.

This is the pagan harvest festival, at this time we bake bread and make broths containing grains and pulses which we feast upon with family only.

This is a follow on sabbat from Lammas. This is when we share the rest of our harvest with friends. So make a hearty stew containing vegetables with the lonely old lady down the road or invite her round for a roast with all the trimmings.


Happy New year witches ❤️❤️
At this point in the calendar the veil between this life and the next is at its thinnest.
So it’s time to remember our passed loved ones and our ancestors. So buy that tobacco granddad liked or bake that cake just like momma used to make. Remember them with love and honor.

I hope u enjoy my brief walk through the pagan year. And I hope to see some of u celebrate with me.
Much love. Kat xx🧙‍♀️🧙‍♀️

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