Red Ridge X – Witches Cottage – Divination.

In this article we get a look at divination from Kat Loki Southerns who is a member of the Red Ridge X team and an active witch.


Divination is the art of spirit communication using various equipment, anything from water to Ouija and pendulum boards. Divination has been around for centuries with the growing need for people to contact ancestors or other spirits that have passed over.  Personally my favourite methods of divination are the tarot cards and scrying.
There are many ways to scry but all ways have the same outcome. What works for one will not work so good for another.
I personally like to use a mirror, a candle and my own reflection, allowing the spirit to over expose their image onto mine.
Other techniques include using a mirror on a 40 degree angle facing onto candle light.
You can scry with any reflective surface. A really good tool to use is black obsidian, however this stone slab can be pricey!

Native Americans used smoke from fires to contact spirits by Interpreting shapes formed in the smoke just like some do with clouds.
Today some left-hand path witches use incense smoke to contact different demonic or darker energies, however I feel this section should be left alone but I am available for further information via private message.

Tarot and Angel cards need no explanation, the cards are used to receive messages and guidance from the other side. Some don’t see the use of cards as divination however anything used to gain a connection to spirit energies are classed as divination.
Any form of divination should be done with respect, even though tarot cards and Angel cards can be bought cheaply and easily they shouldn’t be treated as a game, like the Ouija board in the 1960s was marketed as a board game. Because of the pure nature of Ouija it should be conducted with respect and used properly it most definitely isn’t a board game and when it is treated like a game that’s when the user will run into issues.
There are various opinions on the Ouija for divination however the question still arises
” what makes Ouija different from other divination tools?” or has it got bad rep through bad marketing”?
Remember all divination tools should be closed down after use and cleansed on a regular basis.

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