Red Ridge X – Witches Cottage – Grounding, Protection & Cleansing.


While we look at the investigations we go on it is always good to look at the methods and rituals for protection, cleansing and grounding. Below we will look at these practices and some of the methods used by some people.


Grounding is used to disperse any built up energies both positive and negative when ghost hunting or doing any form of medium-ship workings. Our natural energies act like a magnet to spirit, anything from actual attachments to feelings of empathy can be left on our energy like shopping bags of weight. If you do not ground for long periods of  time your day to day mood and health can be affected. I suggest that after every investigation you do this simple grounding technique. This one I was taught by my elders which I have used for years.

  • Preferably stand outside in bare or socked feet.
  • Take a few moments to feel the ground below your feet.
  • Be aware of your breathing and relax breathing up your nose and out of your mouth.
  • Imagine a golden or white light pass from your head into your arms, down your spine and into your legs and then into the earth, take as long as you need to do this and really visualise the process.
  • Take a few minutes just to acknowledge the stresses and thoughts and allow them to escape you by just letting go.

You do not have to do this for long periods of time, even 5 minutes is better than zero minutes.


After looking at starting the day with grounding we then looked at various ways people protect themselves whilst going through the day and even when attending paranormal investigations.

Many different people use many different methods for keeping protected, our friend Kat Loki Southerns is a practising witch so as some will use a cross for protection Kat uses a Pentagram. To reinforce her protection Kat also uses crystals for reflecting negative energies and will also use black obsidian to help remain grounded and malachite to help keep emotional balance.

By just looking at what Kat uses you have the key symbol to her faith, crystals and gem stones. Some other people tend to use herbs, lucky charms, meditation in the form of chants and many more. We will look into these objects separately as we come across them.

Lucky charms are a great tool but are only as powerful as the love and faith you put in to them, and that goes for most things when protecting yourself in this field. The number one achievement is to overcome fear and find yourself in a place of love and peace. So if you have a charm may it be an object a pet or a memory as long as these things manifests in your mind love and peace pushing your fears away then this is the number one achievement. It may be best to charge your item or memory or your loving connection often by sitting and reminding yourself of what these things mean to you, the more you do this the stronger it will become and when you do need this in the field or in general your more prepared to use it.

Protective spells and prayers. These are also on the same lines, these are very powerful as long as you believe in them and you have a loving peaceful connection to them. Again the more belief and visualise you place in these the better the outcome as they will push your fears away. I often see some people that have no belief at all in higher powers use the Lords prayer on investigations and as this will most probably do no harm how powerful can it be without the relationship behind it. I know if I hear my name called I will turn around but if I know the voice calling I will come running.


After looking at a simple method on how to ground yourself above which is a form of cleansing and also looking at how people may stay protected using positive thoughts and items as charms to reinforce this we would also like to look at cleansing. Cleansing maybe needed when you have been out on paranormal investigations or just part of your own ritual for staying free from negativity or attachments. Below I would like to look at a couple of methods I have found to be helpful and they were passed to me by other practicing witches.

If you have been using gems for rituals or protection it may be a good idea to give them a simple cleansing by bathing them in salt water and then leaving them to dry naturally in moonlight or sun light.

Some that may use water in their rituals may leave the water in a container in the moonlight overnight for cleansing and charging.

———- Below is a reply from Kat after we asked her about cleansing. ——–

***Traditional witchcraft and negative energies***
The other day I was asked the best way to clear negative energies from you or your home, so I hope the following short article will answer this question.

As with any form of work with the paranormal negative energies can get attached to you. You can tell if this has happened by a change in your mood or your life becoming unsettled, some people say they have an unsettled feeling that something just isn’t quite right.
I have found through experience that the best way to deal with an unwanted negative energy is to be firm and stand your ground. Tell the energy in a firm direct voice that it has no power over you or your life and to leave your home immediately, then burn some frankincense Incense in every room of your home. White candles in every room will also help. As white promotes peace and calm.
This needs to be done daily until u notice a significant difference.
Another obvious very popular choice is to smudge every room with sage, you still need to vocalise making sure u are direct and to the point.
And finally… A very old method used as a spring cleansing in the early witchcraft is to Sweep (not vacuum) your home from top to bottom, back to front. Once u reach the front door Sweep the dirt out,, envisioning the negative energy leaving the home with the dirt.
You can the seal the entry way and windows with Rock salt to prevent anything negative re-entering.
I hope this helps, but please remember the secret is to remember the only person To have an influence in your life is you! Own it.

One last method I would like to share is a take on a method of a kinda cleansing that I had read. I often go on long walks and one local route I take takes me past some apple trees I would pick up a fallen apple hold it and press my finger into it. From here any negative thought or worry I would visualise going into the apple. After doing this I would then throw the apple in a stream or a mass of undergrowth to rot naturally and with this taking the negative away with it. Sometimes I will prepare a small piece of paper with the negative aspect wrote on it and with this I will make an hole in the apple place the paper inside and then as the apple rots so will the negative aspect.

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