Paranormal Hauntings & Red Ridge X. – Investigation Logging.

Hello everyone, over the years the members of Red Ridge X and Paranormal Hauntings have had the pleasure to visit many locations around the UK and even in Europe. Every now and then we look back at what we have recorded, the evidence we have, the pictures, videos and the methods we have used. One thing we have noticed is that over the years with the progress in recording equipment, methods of investigation and new equipment we have found the need to look at old locations we have visited to update our knowledge of the site just in case we missed a chance to catch some evidence.

We will be creating a set of documents looking at the places we have and will be visiting, we will be using quick visual indicators symbolising the methods and equipment used at the time, we hope this gives quick visual aid for the readers and quick visual reference for us to plan any revisits to a site.

cs – This will indicate we have pictures of the location.

vs – This will indicate we have video footage of the location.

rs – This is an indicator ITC was used.

ws – This is a symbol used when water ITC/scrying has been used.

We will add more symbols here as we go along.

There will be many other advances in the way we carry out our investigations and we will go into these techniques in detail as we move forward.

Thank you.

Paranormal Hauntings & Red Ridge X.

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