Red Ridge X & Friends – Project Paranormal.


In this section of our blog we are very happy to introduce the people and groups we have worked with or investigated with and in this case are also good friends with.

Project Paranormal

Project Paranormal`s group leaders David Barrett & Karen Barret are good friends of Red Ridge X and our larger team Paranormal Hauntings and have spent a good few years in he paranormal field.

Here is a brief introduction.

David had some strange experiences as a child including seeing his aunt at the bottom of his bed but the paranormal was a subject his family didn’t talk about openly. Years later he met Karen then sadly his Dad passed away. After marrying Karen he talked her into attending a paranormal event. Although he was a believer Karen was 100% a non believer, however personal details about David’s dad came through during a private session that were never published and Karen came away a believer. They started investigating locations throughout the UK as well as abroad. Together they have recently formed the new Project Paranormal team alongside Julie, Deborah and Chelle. As a team we do use different ITC equipment as well as traditional devices. On investigations they use different forms of protection, David uses religious protection whereas Karen tends to use crystals.

To visit Project Paranormal please click here and talk to the team where you can find plenty of videos, pictures and information.

Thank you.

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