Team Spirit Paranormal & Red Ridge X – Workhouses Of The Past.






Grenoside Hospital, formerly Grenoside Institution, was sited in buildings originally erected in the 1850s as Wortley Poor Law Union workhouse and fever hospital. At the end of Poor Law Administration following the Local Government Act, 1929, the workhouse buildings were altered for the reception of mental defectives.

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Red Ridge X & Team Spirit Paranormal

Above is a link to a write up on the history of a local workhouse and also some background information on what it was like to live as a poor person in the days of the workhouse system. This blog written by Lesley Huddson group owner of Team Spirit Paranormal and a good friend of us all at Red Ridge X.

Middlewood Hospital

After reading Lesley`s article we decided to get together and plan an investigation and also look at various workhouses and the history in the area. As with connections to the paranormal we look at this as following the history and seeing if we get credible information through as we do our investigations.

Below is a picture of Middlewood hospital also known as South Yorkshire Asylum. This former psychiatric hospital now turned into residential flats holds a strong appearance and back when it was in use as an hospital Im sure it would have been quite daunting for the patients that arrived there.



After reading Lesley’s article my first thought was about this hospital location and I remember someone saying that most that worked in the workhouses and mills ended up exhausted and worn down mentally and physically with a lot then found in what was called then the lunatic asylum system. Another connection we found was when the Wortley Poor Law Union workhouse became in use as an hospital in 1929 by 1956 the Grenoside institution began taking patients from Middlewood Hospital. In 1959 plans were put forward to expand Grenoside along with a few other sites to accommodate patients from Middlewood  to allow plans for the closer of Middlewood hospital.

We will be looking into the history of these sites and more in more detail as we go forward.

Thank you.


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