Red Ridge X: & Friends. Kat Loki Southerns.


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Red Ridge X over the years have come across some great people with a wide range of knowledge in various subjects. One such person is Kat Loki Southerns. Red ridge X as had an interest in various religions and walks of faith over the years and one such path as always stuck with us to the point where we have adapted it in our way of life and that is witchcraft/The Craft. Unlike us Kat Loki Southerns`s walk of faith is not from interest or study but more a birth rite. Here is a brief look at our friend Kat as we move forward looking at different subjects.

Kat Loki Southerns

From a very young age Kat remembers her first spiritual experiences and she was never discouraged from speaking about them so she was able to explore these subjects freely. From the age of 5 she talked of seeing spirits around her and when talking about them it was found they were of souls that had past. She found interest in many other aspects of divination and Witchcraft and by the age of 10 was using Tarot decks and had a good grasp on herbalism by the age of 12. Kat has picked up many other skills and studied many other subject areas over time, one that interests me is remote viewing something that Kat picked up on at the age of 15 but started using fully at the age of 24.

Kat is a witch of today and I asked her if she has enjoyed her path and walk of faith and there is no doubt she has and continues to, from the many subjects she has learned and most of all the differing people she as met. Kat speaks of the fact there is always a lot more to discover and the learning never stops.

Red Ridge X & Kat Loki Southerns.

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