The Art Of Lore – Item 4 – Black Annis.



Above is a picture of a legend we came across as we were planning our next set of location visits. The picture above is of Black Annis and as we researched about this legend we looked to see if there was any art work to include into our Art Of Lore collection. The above painting was created by an American artist called Amelia Gossman that was very helpful and a pleasure to contact when requesting a print of her work.

The Legend Of Black Annis

We are only going to look briefly at the legend of Black Annis for now as we will be looking into this legend in some detail as there are many different claims and versions of this legend. We also know a lady called Charlene from Paranormal Hauntings (you can find the group on FaceBook) that will also be looking into this legend and locations.

Lets have a look at some brief details concerning Black Annis,

Black Annis known to be a blue skinned black haired malevolent being with claw like finger nails.

She is known to wonder the countryside of Leicestershire and lived in a cave located around the Dane Hills.

 She was said to kill lambs and used as a scare tactic against naughty children.


They say an oak tree stood close to her cave.

Apparently the cave was linked to the castle cellars through a network of tunnels where she rests as a ghost.

Some have also linked Black Annis to the Russian Baba Yaga and also the Celtic goddess of fertility Anu alias Don.

Please keep a check as we will be posting updates on this legend as we look around the locations people have claimed to have spotted Black Annis, we may have to be careful they say looking at her can drive you insane.

Red Ridge X – Click Here

Paranormal Hauntings – Click Here


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