Halloween around the world – Philippines.

Red Ridge X is a great fan of unity in the paranormal field and below is a link to an article from a friend of ours in the Philippines, Mi Kel runs a website providing information from the Philippines regarding Myths and the paranormal, a link can be found here –  http://theunseenforce.com/

Please check out his latest seasonal article – Thank you.


The Philippines is the only Christian nation in Asia, More than 86% of the population is Roman Catholic.

Filipinos celebrates Halloween far different from westerners do, they celebrate Halloween during October 31st to November 2nd but in actuality Filipinos prepare for the occasion a week prior to the holiday and further more we do not call the holiday as Halloween, Filipinos call it as All Saints day for November 1st and All souls day on November 2nd.

The People traditionally celebrates the said occasions with their dead loved ones, and this means literally right beside – To Read the full article please click here.


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