Red Ridge X – ZoZo – What Do We Know.

Red Ridge X members a few years ago heard in the paranormal community the mentioning of an entity called Zozo. Some said it was a demon and many negative occurrences were attributed to its contact especially through the Ouija Board. Below is a link to an article giving you a good idea on the background behind this occurrence.

Please Read Here

So What Do We Know Today.

What we would like to do now is for you to comment on anything you may know about this phenomenon today, Do we hear anything about Zozo these days? Do you know anyone that had contact? Did you have contact? and what are your opinions on this? It is easily possible that the whole thing was a made up phenomenon, but do works of fiction always stay fiction? Could an entity use a name of our own creation to break through?

Please let us know, Thank you.

You are more than welcome to visit our paranormal community on many platforms, below are our group names that can be found on Facebook.

Ghosts Of Britain. (community)

Red Ridge X. (team)

Project Reveal. (team)

The Keepers Of Lost Souls. (team)



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