Equinox 15: Whitby.

I find Whitby a very interesting place. There is so many aspects of history we could look also famous travelers and the birth place of the all-time favorite Dracula. We at Ghosts of Britain took a trip to Whitby bay to have a look for any landmarks that may be suitable to conduct an ITC session for our series Talking To The Dead. Straight away we found two harbor lighthouses standing proudly at the tips of the harbor’s piers, the lighthouses have helped to guide mariners into port for over a hundred-and-fifty-years and with this both are reported as haunted.

If you run by the Port of Whitby and the stone-built 83-foot-tall west lighthouse is open to the public during the tourist-filled summer months and is still partly in use, displaying a green light when a boat is expected to come into the harbor. This lighthouse is said to be frequented by the one-armed ghost of a local man who “tended the lights” and it is thought he keeled over one day on the stairs inside the lighthouse on the West Pier and then later to expire of an heart attack. People seem divided as to whether the man’s arm was severed in the fall to his demise or whether it was an old injury. Either way he seems to want a similar fate to befall others because he is supposed to lie on the stairs inside and occasionally try to trip up unsuspecting visitors.

Around the year of 1854 the eastern lighthouse became restricted to the public but not to be outdone by its taller cousin it also comes complete with its own phantom. One summer two brothers were in competition for the affections of a beautiful young girl called Sylvia Swales and for whatever reason she found it too difficult to choose between her two suitors so her father set them a challenge, a boat race, with the winner taking Sylvia’s hand in marriage. The two boys set out with enthusiasm but soon they both encountered a large wave which capsized their boats. Both were swept out to sea where they drowned. Their bodies were later washed up on the nearby shore of Saltwick Nab leaving Sylvia blaming herself for the horrible turn of events and resolved never to marry. It is said her sad ghost frequently visits the eastern pier, staring out to sea. Unfortunately we didn’t know about the lighthouses been haunted until later on through the day and it was too late to visit them but we are visiting Whitby soon and will hopefully take a look at these lighthouses and I’m sure we will carry out an ITC session.

The main landmark people are drawn to is Whitby Abbey but our investigation started at the church yard close to the Abbey where you approach the famous 199 steps. As we arrived at the graveyard we started our ITC. As a conclusion to the session we had a few very clear messages come through with Transalvina been the first word that clearly came through and just to point out Dracula the myth supposed to have escaped from Transelvina. Then shortly after we had “we blind folded them” from that point I had a vision in my mind of an event happening, in my vision the boat Dracula was on was purposely sank and there were survivors swimming away from the wreck. The locals made a decision to blind fold them and cast them back to the sea on a burning raft dismembered. I can’t say my vision has any shred of truth but I normally don’t get messages clear in my mind like that so I decided to share this with you.

We moved along to the far end of the graveyard and noticed that flowers and remembrance letters were placed near the edge of the cliff and at this point we had by our surprise ITC results of children and suicides. To understand the timing of the results and get the full picture please watch this episode I will post a link at the end of this blog. The children link I think was something to do with the amount of suicides that have occurred but what I found interesting was a tale about children getting loured into a cave that’s nearby, could this be connected with the suicides.

Boggle Hole lies between Whitby and it’s coastal neighbour Robin Hoods Bay and in local folklore Boggles were believed to be little people that inhabited many of the caves running along the coast. It is thought that this natural costal cave was actually used by local smugglers as a place to unload and hide their contraband. Hob Hole lies near the fishing village of Runswick Bay and is said to be inhabited by a Hob with an uncommon gift. The local fishermen and their families are said to have believed that the cave’s resident Boggle could cure whooping cough. Whilst the fishermen themselves where apparently too fearful to cross the entrance to the cave at night their wives are said to have shown more courage in times of need by carrying their sick children down to the cave with them to call upon the Hobs mystical healing powers.

To watch the episode Click Here.




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