Red Ridge X – Dybbuk Box – ITC Research #2

We have previously produced an article showing some research we did after picking up on a few subjects that were brought to our attention when doing an ITC session with the Dybbuk Box. Further to this information after going through some comments from viewers of a live video feed we noticed that the word witch came up a few times in separate sessions with the box. At the time we put it down to the fact we had a picture of 3 suspected witches but after looking back it left us wondering if there was any reference to witches or a witch in the Bible due to the Dybbuk box having many connections. Here`s what we found.

For the first ITC article Click Here.

The Witch of Endor.

The first step we took was to search for any connection with a witch in the Bible and when we did this one result came up very strong regarding The Witch Of Endor. Please note the Dybbuk Box has engravings on it in Hebrew and mentions Saul. Our next step after finding the reference to The witch of Endor in the Bible was to find the role she had in the Bible, the reason for her mention.

Saul and the Witch of Endor.

The reason for the mentioning of the Witch of Endor in the Bible with relation to King Saul was due to the fact that King Saul consulted the Witch of Endor with regards to an up and coming battle. The Witch (medium) was not his first choice he did ask God for advice but received no reply due to King Saul disobeying God​s laws and loosing the grace of the Lord. When he asked the Witch of Endor it is said that on King Saul`s command the witch summoned the spirit of the Prophet Samuel. Did the witch really contact the spirit of the Prophet Samuel? One thing is clear the action of consulting a witch was another example of Saul disobeying God.

After finding this information we wanted to know more about the Witch of Endor where she lived what deities she may have worshiped and anything else to get a fuller picture of the time King Saul lived in and also to find any triggers we could place with the box to help bring forward any results.

Our Lady of Endor Coven.

So to find out more about this Biblical witch we set off doing some research and one thing we did find is the mention of a group called “Our Lady Of Endor Coven”. This coven was set up by a man called Herbert Arthur Sloane in 1948 and it is said that he is the first person to have organised and led a satanic religious group. Why did the first recorded satanic group give reference to the Witch of Endor? Another interesting aspect was the other name this group was referred to “Ophite Cultus Satanas”. In whole this group makes mention of The Witch of Endor, Ophite which refers to an ancient sect of Gnostics that was said to worship the Serpent and Cultus Satanas which means cult of Satan. In brief terms this leads to the worship of the serpent that they would say provided Eve with the knowledge of the true God in the Garden of Eden. From this we have decided to look more into the Ophites


When looking up the word Ophite you will find its a designation for members from different sects of Gnosticism. Its very possible that the term Ophite would not have been around to describe someone like The Witch of Endor but what we did find is the term Ophite covers sects such as Cainites and Naassenes and without been sure we think this might tie in to the area of Canaan. We noticed the Cainites gave great importance to the Biblical Cain hence the name but as this anything to do with the name of the village Canaan?

With the Witch of Endor having such a name we could presume she lived in Endor which was a Canaanite village and we found information stating snake worship was very well established there. One thing to note is that when Moses denounces diviners and consulters with familiar spirits the word used to describe such an offence was Ob, so it would be an offence to be a consulter of Ob. The Witch Of Endor was called Aub a consulter of the serpent gods, the name of the serpent in the the ancient language around the area of Canaan has been pronouced as aub, ab, oub oph as for a few examples. From this you can start to see the word Ophite form.

So looking into the beliefs of the Ophites, we know the Ophites were made up of several Gnostic sects and even though these sects differ the main core belief is based around the importance of the serpent. In the area of Canaan snake worship was very common and it could be possible that King Saul came to this area looking for someone that could give him answers from an alternative source.

What Else Did We Find.

When looking at the Witch Of Endor so far we have found out King Saul committed an offence when going to her for consultation where it is said she brought forward the Prophet Samuel as she was most probably a pagan priestess using mediumship and labelled a witch. We have the idea she was from Endor that is said to have been a Canaanite village and most probably dealt in serpent worship.

Further to this information we also found a source that mentions the idea that the goddess the Witch of Endor may have used was named Ashtoreth.  Ashtoreth has connections to witchcraft and links to the planet Venus.

With the information we have found we will look at a list of words or topics to look out for when carrying out our ITC sessions and also words that may trigger a response. We will also look at items that may set the scene like talismans, diagrams or music.

Subjects/Words Relating to Saul.

Witch of Endor, Prophet Samuel, battle with the Philistines.

Subjects/Words Relating to the Witch of Endor.

King Saul, Prophet Samuel, Endor, Canaan, Serpent worship, Ob, Aub, Pagan Priestess, Ashtoreth, Venus.

We also have a copy of an Ophite Diagram and the symbols used to symbolise Venus and the goddess Ashtoreth, these may be used to set the scene. I asked a friend about this subject and I was told if things get a little hairy to use a charm called a cimaruta.  Apparently this charm could help clear away any negative energies along with repelling the evil eye. We will look closer into this charm but we will use it at the end of the session. Just as we were tieing up our research funny enough we found a sound track to this whole subject by Henry Purcell called In Guilty Night (Saul and the Witch of Endor).

If you have any additional information or comments please comment or email

Thank you.




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