Red Ridge X Curiosity Corner – Item #1 The Relic.

Bynt - 1

The above picture is of item number one in the Curiosity Corner. We have covered in other blogs items of curiosity these can be found below as these were items we had come across in Project Paranormal.

1. Phurba

2. Prayer Wheel.

3. Tibetan Demon Mask

Item Number 1.

Item number 1 in the Curiosity Corner is a World War 1 Bayonet (17 inch blade). This item has been in our family for at least 50 years where I received this item from my grandmother.

The Story.

The Bayonet was found by my uncle in a stream that runs through a local wood and from then on was in my grandmothers home for 35 years. When I used to visit my grandmother as a kid growing up I remember seeing this bayonet and finding it very interesting and also getting told to put it down because I was not allowed to play with it. When I got to a suitable age my grandmother gave me the bayonet knowing I have had a fascination for it for many years and from then on it has been in my care ever since.

Why Call It A Relic.

This item is the first item I can remember wanting as a keep sake and its an item that I can remember most of my life. The story on how it was found by my uncle in the stream made me think of the legend of the Lady In The Lake where Merlin took King Arthur to a magical pool where an hand appeared holding a sword. I think I used to run around reenacting the scene with the bayonet. Another importance to this item is that it was found in a local stream in a place called the Roman Banks or also called Roman Ridge. A mixture of all these factors, the collecting, myths & legends and the location it was found leads to the groups name the Curiosity Corner and our love for myths and legends.

This item is our Relic.


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