Red Ridge X – Psychometry – The Experiments.

Red Ridge X over the years has collected many items of interest from various sources covering many subjects. We have placed some of these items in our cabinet of curiosity (the ones that fit) and the others in our vault. We do have our Curiosity Corner that can be found on our Word Press blogs showing a few items with plenty more to be logged.


We are going to be carrying out an ongoing project that will see us test our objects for any residual energy that maybe imprinted on the objects from its past. The idea behind psychometry is that the past can be imprinted on to the object and by touching the object you can pick up information from its past. With this in mind we will be trying to find out if this phenomenon is correct and if so can the amount of energy or the nature of the energy stored in the item lead to it being haunted or cursed.

We will grade the objects we test in a few ways. We will grade it first on our thoughts of the object whether or not we think it maybe charged with residual energy due to the history we may know of the object. We will then grade it by the results we find and to do this we will start by looking at different methods for picking up on any energies, methods on the lines of ITC, tarot cards, dice, pendulum and maybe using other techniques that we adopt along the way.

As we mentioned psychometry is about reading an objects past when coming in contact with the object and with this in mind we will look at ways of testing this but we will be using non contact methods to test items that may have spiritual attachments or just give off certain feelings, ailments or information.

We will be looking at our first object very soon and this item is some what of a Relic to the Red Ridge X group and it will be the first time it has ever been tested or viewed by the public (or anyone outside our family) for at least 50 years.


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