Red Ridge X – The Cage – ITC Research

Members from Red Ridge X joined up with the Project Paranormal team to visit an haunted location called The Cage. While we were there we had the chance to meet the owners of this great historical location and also do some investigation work to see if we could capture any evidence from the spirit realm. Below is a brief write up of some results from the ITC session, with a little twist.

The Cage.

So we were visiting The Cage in St Osyth, Essex, alleged to be One of of The Most haunted Homes in the UK. The Cage was once a medieval prison and home to many women, including England’s most notorious witch Ursula Kemp. Ursula Kemp was accused of witchcraft and hanged in 1582.

In the 16th century, witchcraft was common and popular, Its believed Ursula was a nursemaid and healer and was known to many for her special abilities which was removing curses from people who believed they had been hexed and and for making and selling potions to cure the ill. A local lady accused Ursula of witchcraft and went to Lord Brian Darcy at St Osyth Priory to put a complaint in against her and from this 14 women was dubbed as witches and some were executed including Ursula Kemp leaving behind there children who also was dubbed as witches and left to perish alone.

The Cage would have been the last place these children would have gave their mothers a kiss goodbye.

Vanessa Mitchell, bought the cottage in 2004, shortly after moving in Vasessa stated that things started to happen to her, being hit from behind, hair being pulled and visitors being shoved down the stairs. She also stated objects moved around and doorknobs rattled, taps turned themselves on and blood spots appeared in the hallway. The final straw was when son Jesse was four months old she saw a male appartition standing over the cot. However, vasessa decided the last draw was when she caught what she believes to be a satanic goat on CCTV.

Since then Vanessa has struggled to sell the property but failed and rented it out to people for paranormal research and private rents.

Vanessa believes the cottage to be cursed and reports that over the last 400 years there has been tradedy, suicide and death that has plagued the residents and owners of The Cage.

One Roll And You Hit The Deck.

As a member of Red Ridge X I have always used many methods for communicating with my subconscious which in turn I believe can connect with external consciousness’s. When I found out we had an opportunity for visiting The Cage a place well connected to the history of witches I decided to take along my Dice and Tarot Deck to integrate a method I have used in the past for spirit communication with the ITC work Project Paranormal use. The idea is for me to try and sense or pick up on spirit through the cards and dice and I usually do this by looking for patterns or messages in the numbers and cards revelled as I mindfully ask questions.

Below is a brief look at how I go about this method,

As we located our first room with the reported strong connections to activity regarding witches I used the following technique.

As the ITC was running and we were asking questions I would shuffle the cards while asking for a connection to the history of the room.

I rolled the 4 dice as we asked a question recording the numbers as they came out.

After rolling the dice I then dealt 3 cards recording the cards that appeared.

On this occasion I repeated the dice and card dealing 5 times but on the 5th time the following occurred.

I rolled the dice and the following numbers came out, 3552.

I dealt 3 cards which were, The Wheel Of Fortune, The Moon, Judgement.

Now I was getting a feeling these were going to be the cards for the room so I left them open on the table and the following came through the ITC, Howling & 18th.

Howling & 18th coming through the ITC was very interesting as the middle card that came out was in my mind in the Present position and it was the Moon card with two wolfs howling and is also the 18th card in the deck. We took this as a sign that the 3 cards are the cards for the room. This has been recorded for the location.

Each time the dice was rolled and the cards were dealt I was reading them in the way that I do to pick up any vibes or information.

We found the results very interesting.

Morgan Le Fay.

With the ITC mentioning Fay the name would not leave my mind and because of that i decided to give the name a look up to see if there is any connections to The Cage. I typed in Essex the area that i was in and Fay and after some digging i found a link to a lady called Morgan Le Fay. Morgan Le Fay can be found in many places in medieval folklore and she is often seen as King Arthur`s enemy and rival to Merlin. Another link describes her as the queen of the witches or even the queen of the night with some groups making covens to her powers. Either way I did not know of Morgan Le Fay until this ITC session and yet again there is a link to the Arthurian Tale and with this I think we have a good idea of a few future projects.


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