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This article was compiled as a record of the subjects we have come across after using computer software (ITC) in our paranormal investigations. The information that came through the software could be seen as random, broken and we will not say it is proof of intelligent consciousness.

So why compile this article? The simple reason is, we most probably would not  have looked at these subjects if it was not for the investigations we did and the words that came through on ITC, also due to the interesting nature of the subjects we have decided to share them.

Hope you enjoy.

The Dybbuk Box.

The first ITC session that stands out and lead us to some interesting information was when John and Philip Williams of Red Ridge X met up with Lee Steer from Project Paranormal to conduct an ITC session. Lee Steer holds in his possession a good collection of allegedly haunted items, one of these been a Dybbuk Box. Lee started the ITC session by asking if there were any spirits attached to any of the objects in the room, at first there were replies coming through at random but then we noticed the following words been repeated;

  • Flash
  • Horsemen
  • Cross
  • Redemption

Except the word flash we were feeling a religious tone and we noticed Lee had placed a cross at the top of the Dybbuk Box, as we turned our attention to the Dybbuk box and started asking questions on the line of “is there any spirits attached to the dybbuk box” we noticed the emf meter that was above the box light up on the full set of LED`s  and it sustained this for around 2 minutes and then came on a few times after this.

Due to this activity Lee then asked if there was anything attached to the box and if so to make a tapping noise, just after saying this the ITC  sounded “knock knock”.  We asked questions then directed to the box and one reply came through very clearly and this was “23rd September”. After this there were other pieces of information come through but my mind was stuck on this date. Below is a brief look at what we found about the 23rd of September.

23rd Of September.

After the ITC session we had with Lee Steer we decided to look at the date 23rd of September to see if there is anything important about the date . As soon as you search this date some very strong theories do emerge, out of interest in this article we will breifly explain what we found below but by no means are we saying there is anything catastrophic going to happen or the theories are fact or not. I must say I found them interesting.

Biblical Connection.

The first thing I noticed when looking up the 23rd of September is the mention of Revelation 12 where it says “A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.” And with this quote some have linked it to an apparent once in seven thousand year occurrence where the constellation Virgo (woman) has the sun travelling through the star sign (clothed in the Sun) with the moon by the feet section of Virgo (the moon under her feet) and 9 stars of Leo by Virgo`s head along with the 3 wondering stars (planets) of Mercury, Mars & Venus (12 stars crown her head).  Along with this it is good to note the only time this arrangement has occurred in the past was around 3 BC (some say the year Jesus was born) but the arrangement was not complete unlike in 2017 where it will be a complete arrangement.

One other aspect to look at is the 23rd of September when this arrangement appears during 2017 it falls on and around a few Jewish holy days.

September 21 – 22 – Rosh Hashana, this is the Jewish New Year.

September 23rd – Shabbat Shuva

September 30 – Yom Kippur – Day of atonement.

Rosh Hashana is the Jewish new year and sometimes referred to as the Feast of Trumpets. Shabbat Shuva refers to the period of time between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and this is part of the ten days of repentance. Shabbat Shuva is a shabbat and is named after the first word of the Haftarah and can be translated as “Return”.                      Yom Kippur also known as the day of atonement is the holiest of the days in the Jewish calendar and is a time of repentance and atonement. People often observe this day in the way of fasting, some for 25 hours along with heavy praying.


Bethlehem Star.

On September the 23rd 2015 it was said that the Bethlehem Star appeared once again. This is the same star that was said to be present at the time of Jesus`s birth and before this present at the time of Abraham.


The mention of horseman came up a few times during ICT and we did ask what this could mean. There is many different meanings to something like the horsemen like the horsemen of the apocalypse, but we had one source say it could symbolise the unfolding of a new era, the release of fresh information or the approach of a particular event.

If you have any information on the above subjects please email us on





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