Equinox 15: Stocksbridge Bypass. The Legends.

Equinox 15: Stocksbridge Bypass – Introduction. – Please Check It Out.

Stocksbridge Bypass.

The Legends.

As we got together we decided to have a quick look at what information we have connected with the legends around the area of Stocksbridge. We decided to do this to help give us an idea what we could look for or ask about on both the physical and nonphysical plane. Below we will look at the legends we have at hand and as we go along we will research into these legends for any evidence.

Legends From the Net.

We had a look on the internet to see if there were any legends of the Stocksbridge Bypass and what claims were behind them. We obviously found a lot covering this location but what they had in common is the mention of a monk. We found two recurring reasons for the haunting,

  • One legend talks about a monk that was buried on unholy land in an unmarked grave. It is also said that the building of the bypass disturbed the monks resting place.
  • Another legend talks about a monk that got lost in bad weather wandering the land while visiting visiting a cottage in the area.

We find these legends very interesting and we will look for more details behind these. Also if we do a vigil of some sort we will ask about these to see if it stirs any responses.

Legend By Word Of Mouth.

At some point we found ourselves in a pub in the Sheffield area talking to a local about the legend he knew of regarding the Stocksbridge Bypass. He had known of the above but also had another to add in.

  1. When telling us of this legend he spoke about a monk that was posed to take the top position as Prior at Ecclesfield Priory but instead became involved in a political battle that saw him thrown out and even imprisoned. It could be said that this monk was angry at what happened and was also upset at what he saw has the damage done to the parish.This legend is gritty and we will look for evidence in research and in investigation.
  2. There is another theory we were told of on a separate occasion and that was also about  a monk that haunts the area that may have knew people on a farm around the Stockbridge area and became at odds over time with the changing of the church and decline of their traditions.

Legend From A Book Of Shadows.

This is the last of the legends we know about regarding a monk to date and it was found by a Red Ridge X member while he was talking to someone that keeps a grimoire of spells, rituals, myths and legends. One legend in this book mentions a monk that brought with him a relic of great power and hid it around the area of Stocksbridge. It is said the monk guards this relic and the power it possesses. Now the book goes on to give in detail conversations between the book owner and the monk and the power, in this it says the power is unlike that of control and possession it is of a different kind.


After looking at the legends that we have come across we will investigate them in various ways to try and find any facts behind the stories. We are sure there will be other legends and if you have any or information on anything concerning the Bypass or the monk or the area please email us.


We have also heard of a report of someone seeing a group of children singing ring o ring o roses while dancing around in a circle near an electric pylon. We are interested in all sightings.

Please look out for our next write up as we will be doing some investigations and research.

Thank you.



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