Red Ridge X: Tree Life.


Red Ridge X – Tree Life.

After spending some time with people from various spiritual paths and studying different faiths we noticed something, and that was most of these paths had something in common and that was the humble tree. When spending time with a group we used to go to a particular tree for certain rituals and they told us of other places that had trees they also used to the point where they may travel 8 miles just to visit that particular tree. One tree we visited had exposed roots on one side which gave it significance to the group they gave us their reasons and we found it interesting. We have wrote this article to give you a brief glimpse into what we found.


Trees are probably the most adapted of all plants. There is a special relationship between trees and humans as trees produce the oxygen that we need to breathe while we exhale carbon dioxide which trees thrive on. You could say that our exhalation is their inhalation and vice versa.

But does our relationship with trees begin and end there, a lot of people see trees as multidimensional life forms. They have their roots deep down in the earth which some see as a connection to the Underworld or a connection to the feminine energy of Mother Earth connecting to the cycles of life, sustenance and death. Their trunks and lower branches are in our world which in shamanic terms is called the Middle World here some say this has a masculine energy of ego and the material existence. The branches of tall trees reach high in the sky which makes them a bridge into the Upper World. In fact in many cultures shaman’s journey into the Upper World by visualising themselves climbing a tall tree to the very top and then flying up into the sky.

Trees also connect us to other realms such as the Faerie Realm which is described as a parallel dimension to ours, the problem with that is by the cutting down of our forests and trees in this world it gradually destroys the Faerie Realm. Tree spirits are only loosely connected with their physical bodies the actual visible tree. Because they are multidimensional and enjoy great freedom on the astral and because of their connection to other realms they can help us with inter-dimensional travel. Besides, meditating next to a tree can be very relaxing and helps us to become grounded

We have mentioned Shamans a few times so;

What is Shamanism.

Shamanism is a spiritual or religious expression where an individual seeks to interact with the spirit world in a special way, this can be by means of entering into a conscious-altering trance. Shamanism can take on different forms like ceremonial ritual, divination, animism, necromancy, or so-called black magic.


Profound spiritual lessons from tree symbolism is said to come from the roots. They serve as anchors gripping tightly into the Mother Earth. They form a symbiotic union with the earth drawing from her various nutrients and water. Tree roots can span for miraculous lengths like branches ever reaching out for more. This is metaphoric of our own inner root systems of beliefs and spirituality. We must dig deep and be firmly rooted in a structured system of beneficent beliefs It’s the only way we are insured upward mobility. A vital observation about roots is they are unseen they remain mostly underground. In much the same way our spiritual progress will be hidden from view to the common eye our growth and power occurs beneath superficial layers. Moreover our belief systems are much like root systems of a tree – they are sacred, tacit and they anchor us in our lives.

When I was researching this subject I wondered if there was any scientific evidence that trees communicate. Studies show that there is evidence that prove trees communicate. There is a type of fungi that forms underground that aids communication networks between trees, these are reports taken from in North American forests.

Big old trees — dubbed ‘mother trees’ — are hubs in this mycorrhizal fungal network, playing a key role in supporting other trees in the forest especially their offspring. What is also amazing to know is that there is also evidence that shows trees use fungal networks to warn their neighbours about impending attacks from pests. When trees are attacked they increase their defence against the invaders by up regulating their defence genes to make defence enzymes.

Tree of Life.

I can not go any further without giving the tree of life as found in Judaism a brief mention. I say brief because we will visit the subject of the tree of life in a separate article due to the many elements of the subject. The tree of life as found in Judaism is a diagram used to show the process of creation and with this it can be seen as a map of the universe, the human psyche and a path to god. The arrangement and structure of this diagram is so flexible it can and has been used by other faiths. The tree of life is used by some for the use of the tarot, horoscopes and has been adapted for many other uses.

It just amazes me to find also that in many religions that we know of today has a belief system that has something to do with trees.

Christianity – has the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life.

Druidry – Worshiped trees to gain knowledge and seek healing.

Islam – Allot of interpretations and wisdom based around trees also mentioned in the Quran.

Buddhism – : Gautama Buddha was meditating under a Bodhi Tree and received enlightenment.

Judaism – they take trees and plants very seriously. In text when god made the first man he showed him the Garden of Eden and gave word                                                                           ‘See my works, how beautiful and praiseworthy they are. And everything that I created, I created it for you. Be careful not to spoil or destroy my world–for if you do, there will be nobody after you to repair it.’”


There is many more religions out there that has trees to symbolize life, healing and wisdom. As I come to conclude this subject about trees I hope I have shown how important they are to many people in a spiritual manner and to us all for sustaining life. It also makes me think there is allot about nature we still don’t understand. There is good evidence that plants and trees may have some level of conscious. Mother nature is a network of complex systems and science as not covered all of these systems but while trying what surprises will we stumble on.  

Philip Williams –

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