Red Ridge X – Hoober Stand.



Red Ridge X
Hoober Stand Visit.

First Visit.
Within the last 6 days Red Ridge X along with Project Paranormal members have visited our local monument Hoober Stand. This is always a pleasant walk even if the first trip was during the most active storm this area as seen in while. You could equate it to walking towards Mordor. Regardless of the weather we walked up there to check out an old site we used to visit. Project Paranormal members had visited the area in the afternoon and told us there was something interesting for us to see.


As we walked towards the monument just a small walk away there was what looked like an area made for camping. Giving this area a closer look and we could see the candles and a few other objects that gave the impression it may be used for ceremonial purposes. There were no signs to give the impression anything sinister is happening and it could be ceremonies with good intention. We at Red Ridge have members that were in a coven and find this subject and way of life interesting with some elements embedded in their way of life.

Second Visit.


We made our second visit to the monument (image of Hoober Stand above) within a few days better prepared with a camera and a torch.
We had a walk around and decided to check out the old cave like opening that sits to one side of the location (as posted to Red Ridge X-P on Facebook) I think we do this just to see if it is there and look for any clues to what it was used for. We did come across an helpful chap that was taking a stroll and we asked him why the land around the monument was all bumpy. He told us that it was because they quarried the area for stone and most probably the same stone used for the construction of the Hoober Stand. This was great information made better when we finally got some information on the small cave, he told us the cave may have had an older past but it was used to sell tea and coffee to the workers of the quarry. Apparently people came up from other locations on their wagons to transport the stone and they made a stop to a lady that worked in the shop in the cave.
Below are a couple of pictures showing the quarried area and some tree art.

20160918_190319 20160918_190450

After taking a look around the site we decided to check the altar we found but this time approaching it from a different direction leading us to the a new find.

Second Altar.
As we walked up the path we found a second altar style site. We have a few pictures below of what we found. A lot like the first altar there is nothing that indicates anything sinister and we treat the area with respect. We can not really say much about the spiritual path behind this site as covens have many different variations, there were the obvious aspects like, candles, incense and flowers along with a few other items. We at Red Ridge X find these things very interesting and as long as the correct code of “Do What thy will, so long as it harms none” is kept too we say keep up the good work it’s good to see people are up to old tricks.



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